Facebook banned Dhruv Rathee Facebook page then revoked later

Facebook (briefly) banned Dhruv Rathee Facebook page – for warning people about Fascism.

While the ban was soon revoked, the episode is another reminder of how social media giants have enabled the rise of the far right across the world.

On Sunday, social media giant Facebook banned one of India’s most active pages, run by Dhruv Rathee a popular YouTuber with more than 1.7 million subscribers.

Rathee, a self-described “political centrist”, is often critical of the Modi government and has, as a result, attracted criticism from supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

Ironically, the post he was banned for was pointing to the dangers of fascism and outlining the process by which the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. Rathee’s post implicitly drew parallels to present-day India.

The incident is one in a trend that points to the enabling role played by social media giants in the global rise of the far right.

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