15 Best Offers of Flipkart’s Big Billion Day – 10 October 2018

The Flipkart’s – Big Billion Days Sale has arrived. (10-14th October 2018.)

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Here are some Best Offers of the first day which you cannot miss for sure.

1. Syska UltraTrim HT800 Cordless Trimmer for Men (Black, Grey)

Syska UltraTrim HT800 Cordless Trimmer for Men (Black, Grey)

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/Qf2d!KNNNN


2. Books


Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/Lt07dnuuuN


3. Headphones and Headsets (For Mobile, Laptop & PC)

Headphones and Headsets - BBD 2018-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/4235bnuuuN


4. Wall Clocks

Clock BBD-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/QDhwGKNNNN


5. Wrist Watches

wrist watch BBD-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/4Q14tnuuuN


6. Google Home And Google Home Mini Smart Assistants

Google home mini-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/QPPymKNNNN


7. Google Chromecast 2 Media Streaming Device (Black)

Google Chromecast 2 Media Streaming Device (Black)

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/4thPvnuuuN


8. Hand Tools

Hand Tools - 199 - BBD

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/LJ!hjnuuuN


9. Dry and Steam Iron

Iron - BBD

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/27qkpKNNNN


10. Portable Laptop Tables

Laptop Tables - BBD

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/Lj01FnuuuN


11. Bed Sheets

Bedsheets - BBDBed sheets - BBD

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/2ExjGKNNNN


12. Durex Condoms & Lubricants

Durex Air-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/LOuF4nuuuN


13. SoundLogic Karaoke Microphone & Speaker Microphone (For Audio Recording & YouTubers)

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/2FqfTKNNNN


14. Virtual Reality Smart Glasses (3D)

vr box-horz

Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/29YnPKNNNN


15. Dr. Morepen BP-12 BP One Bp Monitor  (Blue)


Link to buy : http://fkrt.it/2HIUhKNNNN


Extra Offer on Home & Furniture (50 – 90% OFF)

Home - Furniture - BBD

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