Swine flu and dengue killed over 1100 in India

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India is going through a hard time with New H1N1 strain. The resources has been said that the government is to come up with alternatives which may help people resolve this issue.

HYDERABAD: Alarmed by the steady rise in number of swine flu cases, the state health department is now mulling studying the increase in sporadic occurrence of swine flu (H1N1) this year, with the aim to prepare a plan for distribution of alternatives medicines. The alternative medicine thus zeroed in is expected to contain the further spread of the virus, said officials. (Link)

Credits : Times of India.


It has been noted that Swine flu surveillance taken up in Telangana districts bordering Maharashtra. (Link)
Till now there were 24 dengue and 5 swine flu cases in Jammu (Link), Total 47 deaths in Odisha (Link) and 265 positive cases of swine flu in Telangana (since August) (Link). Over 386 in Gujrat (Link)

States with Swine flu and dengue positive and deaths results include Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.
Which results in over 1,000 swine flu deaths so far this year (2017). (Link)
And over 1,100 Swine flu killed people so far, reveals Health Ministry Data. (Link)

If something has not been done to stop this virus soon this virus will grow throughout the country.

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