Instagram search for stories using location and hashtag

Instagram ‘Stories’ feature has now gone a step further. Instagram users can now search for stories using location or hashtag, because the photo-sharing app has started placing its stories on the Explore tab. The updated version of Instagram contains the location pin, which helps users to find stories based on location.

Instagram’s Story Search can open up new avenues on the photo-sharing app. Users can check out factors like weather condition, what is happening in a particular location, and what people are doing at a particular place. This feature is very similar to Snapchat’s Story searching feature.

Once a user updates the Instagram app, he will be able to see Location Stories in the Search bar. The updated Location Stories feature is already available on Android and iOS platforms, and the Hashtag option will roll out soon. Not all stories will appear on the associated Stories list, but only those containing hashtag sticker, hashtag underline, and location sticker. However, the stories will also be shared if the account is set in public mode.

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