Apple iOS 10.3, WatchOS 3.2, MacOS 10.12.4 released: Here are some top features

Earlier this day, Apple released the new iOS 10.3 update to the public, and the update is a rather major one. Uptil now, Apple released seven betas of the iOS 10.3 before the final version was released today. And the new iteration comes with features like the iPhone’s ability to locate AirPods using Find my iPhone, APFS implementation, and other improvements including more ways to use Siri for payments, ride booking and automaker apps. Although the iOS 10.3 update came sans the much-awaited Theatre Mode, but the Watch OS 3.2 is ready with it. Additionally, the update is also accompanied by the Watch OS 3.2 release, and macOS 10.12.4. Here’s taking a look at the top features that come with the new iOS iteration, and a quick look at the Watch and Mac OS.

Find My AirPods

When Apple released the AirPods last year, the biggest issue people found with it was how easy would they be to lose. The social media endlessly trolled the wireless earphones for the same. However, Apple has quickly released a fix to that in the iOS 10.3, which includes the ability to find missing AirPods using the “Find My iPhone” app.

New Apple ID Settings Menu

Making your Apple ID information and the connected devices more prominent, the update add a new “Apple ID” menu to the Settings app. Along with your connected devices, the menu also shows which devices are connected to your iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing, separately. Earlier, this menu was hidden under the iCloud settings.

iCloud Storage

Plus, like the Apple ID, there also a new iCloud section, which is placed right under the Apple ID Settings menu, which will show users the breakdown of their cloud storage usage. This feature also shows which apps use iCloud. And it shows the settings for Keychain, iCloud Backup and Find My iPhone.

New App Animation

This one’s minor, but you would definitely notice it. Apple has adjusted the app animations when you open and close apps. So basically, now when you open apps, the apps appear to have rounded edges. This is only noticeable for apps that do not open as quickly as others.

Maps App 3D Touch Quick Action

The new Apple iOS 10.3 also comes with an update for the Maps app so that 3D Touch can be used for a new Quick Action, where Apple has added the weather forecast to the Maps app. Now when you push down on the weather icon in the Maps app, you can see the weather forecast for your current location.

Siri Now Knows Cricket Scores


Like we learnt from the beta updates, Siri will now be more cricket-friendly. Now, when a user launches Siri on iOS 10.3, they would notice that its ability to provide answers to cricket scores and stats. This feature has been highly anticipated in India, which is Apple’s fastest-growing market. Siri is going to pull the cricket scores and stats from the International Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments and the Indian Premier League (IPL). Siri will also understand how to answer queries about live scores, team ranks, player stats and tour dates.

New App Developer Benefits

And it’s not just for the users, developers will benefit from new features in iOS 10.3 as well. There is a new feature in the new OS which includes the ability to respond to customer reviews and the ability to seamlessly update app icons. Additionally, with the update developers can now update app icons any time without having to submit an update. This can come in handy when developers want to add a seasonal update to their icons such as placing a Santa hat for Christmas, and adding splash of color for Holi.
Coming to the ability to respond to customer reviews, this has been one of the biggest Apple App Store limitations. But now developers can respond to reviews as part of the iOS 10.3 update. The developer responses to comments can be publicly viewed within the iOS App Store and iTunes on desktops. iOS users can also provide feedback to App Store reviews by tapping on “Helpful” or “Not Helpful.”
Apple has also updated the SiriKit so that developers can build apps that allows Siri to pay bills, check payment statuses and schedule future rides with Uber.

WatchOS 3.2

The WatchOS 3.2 is predominantly a maintenance update, but there are a handful of user-facing highlights that come with it. The WatchOS 3.2 adds the much-awaited Theater Mode. According to the beta release notes published on Apple’s developer site, Theater Mode lets users mute their Watch and disable raise-to-wake. To access the Theater Mode, a user need to swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch’s screen. While the feature is turned on, notifications are silent, but you still receive haptic feedback when a notification is received and can view a notification by pressing the Digital Crown.
Other than that, the new watchOS also adds SiriKit support for messaging, payments, ride booking, workouts, calling, and photo searching.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

Similar to the WatchOS, the new MacOS update also primarily focuses on improvements, but it does have a handful of new user-friendly updates, the most important one of which is the Night Shift mode. The feature was first added to iOS 9.3, and it works similarly on the Mac as well. It essentially Mac changes the color of the display to reduce the blue tint of the screen, giving a user a warmer, slightly orange cast.
The MacOS 10.12.4 also adds supports dictation for Shanghainese, updated PDFKit, which was a source of bugs for third-party PDF apps, and added Touch Bar support to the Mac App Store.

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