New Rs 1,000 notes to be out soon

The Rs 1,000 note may stage a comeback but with enhanced security features and it will also be smaller in size than the demonetised notes.

“They (Rs 1,000 notes) will come in a new design with enhanced security features to check counterfeiting,” a source said. The new notes will come in a new colour and may also be Braille friendly.

Earlier, the government had said it would take a few months to bring back the Rs 1,000 note. “The work is in progress. It is in fact being expedited because people are facing difficulty with the Rs 2,000 note,” the source said, adding that the Rs 2,000 note will be phased out but no decision has been taken so far. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India may lift restrictions on cash withdrawal from banks and ATMs. But this may not happen before the end of March.

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