The Latest Features of Android N

Google had released a developer preview of the new Android, termed Android N (for now), a month and a half earlier, to get developers acclimatized to the new ecosystem. However, Google released a working beta available only for Nexus phones.


Here’s the latest features of Android N:


1. Multi-Window Support: Multi-windows have been there for a while now, in Samsung and HTC phones, but Android has integrated the feature seamlessly inside the operating system this time. Guranteeing spikes in productivity, users can now run two apps simultaneosly. In Android tablets, the multi window will work picture-in-picture style so you can monitor tweets simultaneously with watching the latest Game Of Thrones episode. The possibilites of multi-tasking now seems endless. You can now look at your recipe on the browser and add the things on your shopping list, or take a call while watching a video, all without having to switch screens. Now we get the point of bigger screens completely.

2. Notifications Control: Notifications have received an overhaul in the new OS. Notifications have now become more interactive and visible. There’s option of bundling similar notification to appear as a single one. You can peak inside a child notification from a parent one, which will temporarily appear as a heads-up notification and view the most recent notification and the actions associated with it. You can also blacklist apps from showing notifications or silent them completely, right from the notification panel.

3. Direct Reply: Did the new quick reply option in Whatsapp surprise you? Get used to it, because Android is integrating this beautiful upgrade straight into the system and just about any app can provide the quick reply option. Now, you can directly reply to a message, right from the screen you are on, without having to open that app.

4. Doze on the go: Battery has been the single biggest headache for smartphone users and Google has been constantly putting their brains behind improving the battery life of Android devices. The latest attempt develops from Marshmallow’s Doze feature, which shuts down the apps when the phone is not in use. It has now developed further to put the apps in doze mode simply when the screen is off. Also, the memory and battery management has improved significantly, as part of Project Svelte, which stops apps from waking up as often when a change in network and connectivity occurs.

5. Data Saver: Adnroid has included a neat data saver feature, accessed from the quick settings panel as well as from the settings app. When the Data Saver feature is turned on, the system blocks background data usage and signals apps to use less data in the foreground wherever possible. Ofcourse, you can whitelist apps you want to be ignored by this feature. However, the data saver only works when connected through a metered connection, which is basically your cellular data plan or a DHCP Wi-fi connection, and your Android device will be smart enough to recognize a metered connection very well on its own.

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