India’s Cheapest Mobile Smartphone – Freedom 251 at just Rs. 251

You are may be shocked.! or take it as a fake news but this is something very crystal clear and true.
In an event presided by BJP MP Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi in New Delhi a smartphone has been officially launched by Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. named Freedom 251 which is India’s cheapest mobile smartphone phone at just Rs. 251.!


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Features and Specifications of Freedom 251 Smartphone :

The Ringing Bells Freedom 251 runs on Android 5.1, with a 4-inch display, a quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage (expandable to 32GB). The phone, which can be booked online until Saturday, is priced at an amazingly low Rs. 251, but you may have to wait a few months to actually get the phone, as units may be delivered as late as June 30.

Here’s your first look video of Freedom 251 smartphone by Gadgets 360.

About Freedom 251 Smartphone :

The company did not share too many details, but stated the although the chipset will be imported from Taiwan at present, the rest of Freedom 251 would be made in India; the goal is to make up to 75 percent of the hardware in India by the end of one year, and to raise this to 100 percent over time, said Ringing Bells President Ashok Chadha. To accomplish this, the company is looking at investing in two manufacturing plants – in Noida and Uttaranchal – immediately as a pilot project at an estimated cost of Rs. 500 crore, with a targeted capacity of 5 lakh units each per month, with a goal of having five manufacturing centres in total over time, Chadha added.

He also confirmed that there is no government subsidy for the phone, and nor is there any involvement from the government, beyond a long time friendship with MP Murli Manohar Joshi, who provided “vision and guidance” for the Freedom 251 project – News Source : NDTV

Goal, Vision and Mission of Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. :

The eventual goal, according to the company, is to sell over 1 crore units per month. At the launch, Chadha also confirmed that if the number of orders crosses 2.5 lakhs, the company will have to stop taking further orders.

Vision – Empower citizens, even in the remotest rural and semi-urban centres of India, with the latest in digital technology at incredible affordable prices and cascade knowledge, news and current issues so that all experience the confidence of inclusive growth and equal opportunity – In short, innovative solutions for a Brighter tomorrow.

Mission – To provide futuristic technology products of the highest quality and best service at the lowest cost of ownership.

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