Hike Messaging App turns 3 years old

Hike app was launched in December 2012 and within 2 months, the company had made it to #1 on the Android Playstore. Tthe free messaging app from Bharti SoftBank(BSB), was one among the ‘top free app’ on the Android Playstore and iOS Appstore across India.

In Feb 2014 it has reached 15 Million users where within 5 months hike has succeeded to gain 20 Million users. This was the time where hike app has going parallel with top apps in the playstore including WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Clean Master and more.

Hike has been growing since Hike 4.0 version update. It comes with almost 10 great features which other apps failed to do even Whatsapp. Some features like Timeline status and photo updates, sending files upto 100 MB, private messaging, more stickers, shopping coupons and much more.

People with low memory in their phone can install and update to the latest version of the hike in India as there are more basic multimedia phones in India at the time of the launch of hike app.

Now, Here are some tweets from the @hikeapp posted this month.:

Hike now exchange 1 billion messages in a day.

No. 1 app in Windows Phone Marketplace.

We thank you Hike and wish you that you grow bigger and better. Keep Hiking.

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