Hike Messenger looking forward for Voice Calling Feature

The Smartphones has taken the world by storm. As with the help of Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line, Vibe etc. connectivity and sharing has bought smiles on our faces, created togetherness and also helped us in ease of work. But now, Hike Messenger, according to reports on confirmation of purchasing Zip Phone; a US-based Voice Calling Company. The Company, however, has not yet publicly spoken about is nor about of its transactions and details.

According to the PC-Tablet

Hike Messenger looking forward for Voice Calling Feature
Hike Messenger looking forward for Voice Calling Feature

“Zip Phone is a US based company, which was founded by Anuj Jain some time back. It is a one man company, where he takes care of all the necessary activities by himself. The company provides voice calling services across the globe. If everything goes well, then Hike will make the official announcement of adding voice call feature within a few days’ time. The service will be suitable for 2G users in India to ensure that everyone can take its advantage. Hike is trying to make sure that voice calls use minimum bandwidth so that data cost don’t go beyond control. People with poor network will also be able to use the voice calling feature of Hike messaging app. The service will be available globally from the day one. When reporters got in touch with representatives of Hike and asked to confirm the news, they declined to comment on this. If these rumors turn into reality, then 2G internet users will be able to save a huge amount of money, which they spend on the voice call recharges.”

Hike Messenger is one of the popular instant messaging app used in India. It has many features which many of the other popular messaging apps haven’t upgraded to such as Timeline, Smileys, Sending Documents of upto 100MB (Pdf’s, Docs and other media files) and also offline messaging to non-hike people. On 15 july, 2014 hits the app store for being the no.1 app along with Whatsapp, Candy Crush etc.

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