Transforming a Hard Day into a Great One by Robin Sharma


Robin Sharma A Leadership adviser and founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc. (SLI).,
He help people to achieve great heights in Business and Leadership and motivates them in solving problems of Life through his Live Events, Seminars, Social Networks. I have been following him on Facebook from few days and found his Quotes and Thoughts very Impressive and Motivating.

Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma

Today i just signed for his Newsletter and i received a confirmation email along with an eBook named “Robin Sharma – The Little Black Book for Stunning Success” (You could also get if you sing-up for his Newsletter) and after a few minutes i received an email from Robin Sharma which was actually a reply to a Person who has asked him to share his thoughts and strategies on turning  a so-called “bad day” into a Positive One. He named that email as “Managing Change: Transforming a Hard Day into a Great One” in which he shared 6 Practical Ideas which is the solution of the problem :

1. All progress is messy. The very nature of any type of growth (business or health or personal or inner, for example) means you’ll experience disruption, confusion and what appears to be difficulty. Just keep in mind that problems are progress in wolf’s clothing. And that rather than going backward, your challenges are actually showing you you’re moving ahead. Brilliantly.

2. Think Like An Entrepreneur. No matter what you do for a living, embracing the mindset of an entrepreneur will serve you well. Entrepreneurs get that the only way to win is to hunt for the opportunity amid adversity. They get that what makes the best the best is not how you perform when all’s going well but how masterfully you show up when everything’s falling apart.

3. Keep Perspective. Here’s a good question to ask yourself on a bad day: “Has anyone died here?” Or simply remember that if you’re healthy + have work that matters + people who love you + a roof over your head, you’re a seriously fortunate person. I guess what I’m suggesting is that gratitude is the antidote to frustration. And that maintaining perspective in times of crisis is a beautiful leadership move.

4. Manage Your Mindset. Related to keeping perspective is protecting your mindset (mindset’s even more valuable than IQ to do world-class work and create a life you love). On a challenging day, it’s so easy to start wallowing in self-pity, focusing on what isn’t working and getting messed up with negative thinking. So–instead–I encourage you to maintain “a pristine bubble of total focus on your most valuable opportunities.” Stop watching the news. Block out the noise of the naysayers (critics are just dreamers gone scared). Clear out any toxicity and get busy achieving giant results.

5. Fuel You. Your productivity, performance and success are a direct reflection of what’s going on in your inner life. The doorway to success opens inward–not outward as the dominant messaging of society suggests to you. So–on a turbulent day–take great care of your “inner assets”. Go for a run. Eat like a nutritionist. Write in your journal. Connect with nature. Read the autobiographies of your heroes. Get some rest. Breathe.

6. Stay Centered on Your Personal Everest. Here’s a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci that’s served me well over my 16 years as a leadership advisor to The FORTUNE 500 and top entrepreneurs: “Fix your course on a star and you’ll navigate any storm.” The key to staying strong and passionate is having a ridiculously clear mission and purpose (a vague vision delivers vague results). Know your mountaintop. Be monomaniacally focused on breathtakingly exciting goals. Then, when a hard day hits, you’ll take the knock. But keep on going. With greater conviction than ever before.

This email has really helped me a lot. Its not only beneficial in solving personal problems but helps in overcoming issues at the time when we take basic or first steps building our Carrier, Profession or Business.

Thank you, Robin Sharma

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