24 The Game – Launched by Anil Kapoor

Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor who has been launched to Indian small screens in a drama series named “24” (aired on Colors channel, is the Indian version of the popular US suspense thriller series of the same name.) has on Oct.19 launched its Interactive Mobile 3D Game “Safari Storme 24 – The Game” in Mumbai.

24 - The Game
The Game is Developed by Gameshastra Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and it is available for free download in India on iOS and Android platforms.

Anil said “With the launch of ’24 – The Game’ we are looking at bringing the ’24’ experience to the audiences’ fingertips.” also said “The fast-paced game shares multiple characteristics with the show which will only add to viewers’ overall experience.”

The game will allow players to live the life of ATU chief Jai Singh Rathod, portrayed on screen by Anil, as he races against time to combat terror and protect the prime ministerial candidate from assassination.

24 - The Game -Anil Kapoor in Game

Talking about thegame, Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors, said: “The launch of ’24 – The Game’, is an innovation that brings us closer to our audiences. Through the game, we are providing audiences with the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of Jai Singh Rathod and experience the show first-hand.”

“The launch of such a game is a vital business decision” & “With the availability of multiple touchpoints, it has become critical for broadcasters to reach out to their target audiences using newer avenues such as social media, and online and digital tools” – Vivek Srivastava, head – Digital, Colors.



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Features : 

  • Third-person shooting game.
  • 30 levels.
  • Additional Guns, Health packs, Harrier Strike and Missile Barrages.
  • Purchased items through Redemption of points earned during the game.
  • Local Leaderboard (Score details can be shared with other gamers).

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